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New Kids on the Fashion Block



Today marks the culmination of 20+ months of excitement, epiphanies, disappointment, failure, breakthroughs, bottomless cups of coffee, deep-bottomed bottles of beer, a transatlantic move with a pet to an unfamiliar city, and the fulfillment of a desire to design and craft a style that friends and friends we haven’t met yet will love.

The concept of Sub Native was inspired after living in Amsterdam for a year. The pace of life, the artistic, multi-national culture, open-mindedness, and casual sophistication of day-to-day fashion was and is the primary influence. With that in mind, we are very much an international brand that thinks locally.

Sub Native is all about clean, original, carefully curated designs, and we are suckers for 80s and 90s pop culture, local iconography, and the arcane. All our garments and designs are unisex, and produced in limited quantity. Drops will be early, mid-season, and late season. In other words, when the muse strikes, orders will be sent for production.
Our FIRST EVER DROP is scheduled for mid-October 2017!
Sourcing ethically produced garments is a priority, which you’ll know by the fit and feel. We are committed to very high quality, and very little bullshit.
When you buy or wear our products, we want you to feel the confidence and excitement to wear it on a first date, with the comfort of the third or fourth.
That's it for now. Thank you for reading our first blog entry, and stay tuned for future posts where we discuss the origins of our brand name, what “quality” means to us and why it matters to you, and many, many more topics. This is an exciting time for us, and we are happy to have YOU join us for the ride. Tell your friends, share us with the world, and let’s all have grand weekend, shall we?

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